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About the Commonwealth Compact Talent Network

About the Commonwealth Compact Talent Network

We are dedicated to helping you find your next career in Massachusetts. Once you create your job seeker account you will be able to build your professional profile or import your LinkedIn information. Don't forget to create your personalized Job Alerts!

About Commonwealth Compact

About Commonwealth Compact

We are a workforce diversity initiative, based at the University of Massachusetts Boston, focused on board and commission opportunities, networking, event information, career advancement and more. Our mission is to establish Massachusetts as a uniquely inclusive, honest, and supportive community of -- and for -- diverse people; to acknowledge our mixed history in this effort, and to face squarely the challenges that still need to be overcome, undestanding that the rich promise of the region's growing diversity must be tapped fully if Massachusetts is to achieve its economic, civic, and social potential.


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Talent Network is an innovative tool created to enable talented professionals of color to increase their visibility to Massachusetts's organizations. Creating a Career Center profile is FREE just click the GET STARTED button now!

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