Signers FAQ

What is a “Signer?”

A “Signer” is a Massachusetts employer who has registered with Commonwealth Compact and has taken the pledge to do its part in making its place of employment a welcoming and inclusive place for professionals of color as well as to affect their policies, procedures and procurement practices as it relates to diversity. A Signer commits to submitting periodic benchmark data as a condition of membership. This benchmark data is analyzed and published in aggregate, maintaining the individual business confidentiality.


What is the difference between a “Signer” and a “Member?”

There is no difference between a “Member” and a “Signer” it is merely a vocabulary choice on the part of Commonwealth Compact.


What is an “Associate Signer?”

The Associate Signer designation is for small businesses that are either made up of sole-proprietors, businesses with one employee and a team of sub-contractors, board members and/or volunteers, or business that are 100% volunteer driven that would not meet the criteria for full “Signer” designation. This category of businesses would not submit benchmark data.


What is the Diversity Clearinghouse?

The Diversity Clearinghouse is a growing list of Massachusetts individuals and businesses that provide diversity consulting services to Massachusetts employers. The goal is for this to be an exhaustive list, and so it will grow as we learn of new providers. The businesses listed here have self-proclaimed their expertise in this area and as with any business arrangement, it is up to you to do you due diligence in your hiring and contracting process. We would like to hear from you if you have super-positive experiences or super-negative experiences with any business listed here. Click here for information on how to get listed.


What is an “Opportunity?”

An opportunity is a professional opportunity listed by a Massachusetts business. Opportunities could include, but are not limited to:

  • Corporate or Non-profit Board Appointments
  • Commission or Committee Appointments
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Mentor/Mentee Arrangements
  • Media Interview Opportunities
  • Job Opportunities

What geographic area is covered by this tool?

All of Massachusetts. It is not intended for use outside of Massachusetts.


What specific Talent are we targeting?

We are targeting professionals of color who are seeking professional opportunities in Massachusetts. They do not have to be from Massachusetts, but be interested in coming here for the opportunity.


What specific Signers are we targeting?

We are targeting businesses that have a physical presence in Massachusetts regardless of the location of their headquarters.


What is the cost of this tool for the Signers?

To be listed on the Signer list is free. To have detailed contact information along with a profile will be fee-based. This feature will be publicly available on June 21, 2011. More specific information about profile costs will be available before then.